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A content Creation Agency for SaaS companies who love their customers ❤️


-about us-

Supported Content started as the side project of Sarah Chambers, a Director of Customer Support, who was frustrated with the low quality of online content focused on customer service.

Now, we work with some of the fastest growing companies in customer service to develop their content strategy, grow their organic search traffic, create compelling blog posts and share their customers' stories through case studies and PR placements. 


All of our writers have extensive experience in customer support - many as managers or directors. Because of this, we feel strongly about creating written content that is helpful, accurate and customer centric. 

Whether you're trying to attract a new audience, or keeping existing customers engaged, Supported Content can help refresh your site with high quality content and resources. 


-Our Services-


Blog Posts

Stale, boring, SEO content just isn't good enough anymore. Leads want to see that you know your 💩, and your blog is the ideal place to show them you know what's up.  

We help you keep your blog filled with high quality, relevant content that drives regular traffic and conversions. Shareable, quotable, linkable content is our meat and potatoes (and dessert). 

* B2B companies who blog regularly generate 67% more leads per month than those who don't.  (IMPACT

Case Studies

Build trust with prospective clients by sharing your success stories. 

Our team can be as involved as you like - right from contacting happy customers, running the interview, collecting results and writing a 💥 case study. Or we can write one up from your own notes! 

* 9 out of 10 people look at case studies and online reviews before making a purchase decision. (Search Engine Land)


E-Books, WhitePApers and Resources

Long form resources are an excellent way to capture email addresses from site visitors. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

We create long form content that drives downloads. 

SEO Pages

Writing for SEO is a skill. Combining SEO with quality , interesting content is a magic trick. Fortunately, we know how to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Tell us what you want to rank for, and we’ll deliver interesting, relevant content that people (not just the search bots) will actually want to read.

Content strategy

Not quite sure where to start? Know you need content, but not exactly sure in what form or how much? 

We can help. We know the customer service industry inside and out. We know what resonates with Chief Customer Officers, we know what keeps customer experience teams up at night. 

Set up a call with us and we'll create a content calendar for your business that will generate results.


-Who we write for-

While many of our pieces are ghostwritten, we also have the privilege to be featured on a few of our customers' blogs under our own names. Check out samples of our work below, and let us know if you'd like to see a more complete portfolio.

5 Ancient Roman Lessons for Conquering Support

The scale of the Roman Empire is hard to comprehend. At its peak, the empire stretched from the north of England to the south of Syria, from the Danube to the Nile, and contained almost one quarter of the world’s population. It. was. huge.

 Here are five things we can learn from the Romans about how to triumph over the ever-growing inbox. 

5 Things Customer Support Reps Wish You Knew

We know that when you’re contacting customer support, something is likely frustrating you. Something is broken, something is confusing, something is just…not working. 

But there are a few things we’ve been keeping quiet on. We want you to know more about the people you’re communicating with via phone, chat, or email. Here are five things we think you should know so you can get better customer support every time.

Is happiness at work necessary to give good customer support?

We spend a lot of time at work. Specifically, the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. Let’s put that into perspective. The average global life expectancy is 71.5 years. We spend about 26 of those years sleeping, which means we’re awake for roughly 45.5 years, or 390,580 hours. That means we spend around 23% of our waking hours at work.

Research has shown that happiness at work increases productivity by 31% and boosts accuracy on tasks by 19%. 


Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s extremely helpful in terms of producing high-quality content as well as generating topics. Thanks to her deep understanding of the customer support industry, there’s less time spent on research and more quality content in the end.

TL;DR: Sarah writes great content, delivers on time and generally saves everyone around here a lot of headaches. 10/10 would recommend!
— Jakub Slamka, CMO Nicereply

Sarah has been with us from the early days when we had almost no content and no marketing. She’s helped us build a goldmine of tactical, evergreen content that continues to drive traffic. She and the Supported Content team are flexible to different writing styles and very responsive. If you’re looking for high quality support content, Sarah is the only person you should be talking to.
— Fletcher Richman, CEO BubbleIQ

Sarah is easy to work with. She doesn’t stop at writing quality content but is proactive by suggesting topics/ideas that help our content marketing efforts. She is honest and open to feedback. She gives her 100% every single time.
— Monica Maria, Freshworks






One-Off Blog PostS

Need content, quick? We can help with that. 

1200 -1500 words, fully researched and sourced blog posts, with a quick turnaround. 

Need more than one? Contact us for package deals. 


The Start-Up Package

If you're staring at an empty website, with only a landing page and a contact us form, this is the package for you. 

We'll get you up and running with 3 blog posts and an e-book you can trade site visitors for email addresses. 



Starting from $1500/ month

Monthly Content Packages

Finding a full-time writer is incredibly difficult. We partner with you to provide a full set of content services to keep your customers engaged and the leads coming in. We provide: 

  • Monthly or Quarterly Content Calendars based on product releases, community trends and keyword research

  • Ongoing promotional assistance through our extensive networks

  • Custom content packages consisting of blog posts, e-books, guest posts and case studies


Don't see what you need here? Contact us for custom pricing - we're happy to negotiate based on your needs! 



We want to work with you! Get in touch to set up a call, or ask us why our site is mountain themed.